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Inspire College Consulting offers several different options to suit the needs of individual students and families.  Our consulting packages includes access to the consultant via phone, email and/or virtual meetings. With years of experience in college consulting, our team understands the challenges and complexities that come with the college admissions process. That's why we're here to offer personalized assistance every step of the way.


Guidance with college essays and applications


College Application & FAFSA assistance


Scholarship resources


Career planning


Recommendations for activities, community service and leadership roles


Course selection advising & planning


Scholarship Resources


FAFSA completion

Inspire College Consulting get you covered!

Our Packages

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High School Readiness 

(Fee includes a review of submitted materials, preparation for the meeting, and the 60-minute consultation itself.)

Designed for students and parent(s) in 8th who are proactively looking to plan for future academic success. •4 Year Academic Planning •A-G Review/Planning •Explanation of credits & graduation requirements. •Summer Read Recommendation •Explanation of college systems oUC/CSU/Private •Talk about the best steps student should follow •NCAA Requirements Review o If applicable •Answer any questions or concerns


The "College Bound"

End of 8th grade through 12th grade

(Limited number of spots added each class year)  

The package includes consulting services for the student through May 1 of senior year. •High School Readiness Package •Skills and Career Exploration Assessment •Customized College List based on student’s needs and qualifications •Application Timeline of requirements deadlines and application strategy •UC Personal Insight Questions (4) assistance •Includes pre-work by student, one meeting to determine topic themes, and three reviews. •Honors & Activities “Resume” Assistance •“Brag Sheet” provided •Review of up to 10 Individual College Applications oCommon Application oCSU Application oSchool Specific •Explain Letter of recommendations process oResources provided •FAFSA assistance •Scholarship Research Assistance •Professional review of student’s transcripts •Test Plan Recommendations •Recommendation Letter support •Application Workshop •Grade Level Timeline provided • Personality Assessment •College and Career Readiness Assessments •One 60 min virtual meeting per semester for review and planning

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The Athletic

NCAA Qualifications/Review •Professional Transcript Review •Class Recommendation •Test Scores Review •Coaches/Recruiting Email Template •Core Class Workup •45 min Virtual Consultation

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UC Personal Insights Questions

•Includes pre-work by student •One meeting to determine all four topic themes •Three reviews per PIQ


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College List Building

(8-10) Package

Provide college recommendations based on students’ needs and qualifications.

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Career Exploration 

A series of exercises that measure strengths and interests to match student's best qualities with potential majors and future careers.

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Common App Essay

•Pre-work by student •One meeting to determine the essay topic and theme •Guidance through the 10-step process

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60 Minute Consultation

Phone, video, or in-person meeting to assess the best support for the student’s success.

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